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How do I use the additional fields of the form mailer ?

For using the additional fields of the form mailer for more information (ZIP, town, telephone number ...) you should follow these steps:

 1. Log in to the customer center.

 2. Choose your shared host contract.

 3. Klick on FORMMAILER

 4. Choose your existing form mailer or create a new one.

 5. Give your definition into the fields "Field1, Field2, ...".


for example:


Field1: street
Field2: ZIP
Field3: town
Field4: telefone number



Provide your assignment of the fields in the field "text body".


Text body:

street: {{field1}}
ZIP: {{field2}}
town: {{field3}}
telefone number: {{field4}}
fax: {{field5}}
====Begin text message==


As soon as an eMail is sent from the form mailer, you get an eMail. It states the defined fields first, then (according to the example above) a separation with "====Begin text message====" and then the text of the inquiry follows.

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