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Some of my *.de domains are in the DENIC Transit state. How can I transfer the domains to EUserv?


The Status "TRANSIT" means that your *.de domain is administrated by the registry DENIC.


Once you are in Transit status, you will be contacted by DENIC by post with a "TRANSIT"

password. With this password you can arrange the next steps for your domain.


If you, for example, want to move your domain to EUserv, you can generate an authcode

for transferring your domain to EUserv.

To transfer your domain to EUserv, please proceed as follows:

  1. Go to EUserv's website

  2. Click on "domain" or "mail" in the upper register

  3. Order a domain or mail domain product at the desired plan

  4. Select the appropriate domain suffix for your transfer

  5. Enter the domain name that shall be moved to EUserv

  6. Confirm that you are the domain owner

  7. Log in with your credentials or register if you have not yet registered

  8. Complete your order

  9. Log in to the Customer panel with your email address and password (

  10. Choose your contract in 'contracts'

  11. Enter the generated authcode from DENIC for your transfer

  12. Click "Save"


After the processing of your order you can manually configure your domain.


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