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How do I change a Webhosting contract into a Domain / Maildomain contract (Downgrade)?

You want to change an existing webspace contract to a contract that only includes domain or domain with email ("MailDomain"). This procedure is called "downgrade".

The realization of a downgrading of web space to the services "Domain" or "MailDomain" is possible, however customer connected with a little effort, since the contract number changes.

Requirements for carrying out a downgrade:

  • All data of the previous contract has been provided: This includes all emails, addresses, accounts, attachments, websites, databases and other configuration data
  • There are no open items in the customer account
  • the customer data in the account are up-to-date and have been confirmed

To proceed with a downgrade, proceed as follows:

  • Write down all the domains you want to downgrade.
  • Order each domain individually in the desired new tariff on the website or via the customer center as a "Domain Transfer".
  • If necessary, make the payment for the newly created contracts.
  • Cancel the respective old contract in which the newly created domains are located.
  • In the old contract, look for the AuthCode in the Customer Center -> Domains.
  • Enter the AuthCode for the domain in the new contract so that the internal move to the new contract can be made.

After completing the move, you will need to re-create all email addresses, emailboxes, DNS entries, and domain redirects, as well as transfer all data from the old mailboxes.

If there are still email addresses in the old contract, you must delete the email addresses in the old contract in order to be able to create them again in the new contract.

What to pay attention to?
* No data is transferred from the old contract to the new contract.
* At the end of the old contract all data of the old contract will be deleted (including email-mailboxes, webspace, databases etc.)


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