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Will already paid amounts be settled when upgrading a plan?


With a plan upgrade an existing contract will be changed. After upgrading your

plan the contract term (beginning from the day of the upgrade) and the fees

for your plan are changing.

Already paid amounts will not be settled with the new plan.




Previous plan: "Domain Basic".

Start of the old contract term: 05.05.2015
End of the old contract term: 05.05.2016


In the meantime an upgrade has been conducted on 20.02.2016 to Webspace "Basic".

Following changes take place:


Start of the new contract term: 20.20.2016

End of the new contract term: 20.02.2017


The contract term from 05.05.2015 to 05.05.2016 (end of Domain "Basic") is not

valid anymore since the new plan has been activated and the new service

enabled (e.g. Shared Hosting, FTP, eMail) during this period.



Tags: Bezahlung, Rechnung, upgrade, Verrechnung, Vertragslaufzeit

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