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Why can't I delete Emails?

If Emails can't be deleted probably the Quota is exceeded. Please learn here what „Quota“ means:

How can I determine if Quota is exceeded?

  - Log in to EUserv customer panel

  - Choose 'Select' on the right side next to the concerning contract

  - Click 'Email-Accounts' in the menue 'Email'

  - Choose the concerning Email-Account in the table 'Bisher angelegte Email-Accounts:'

  - Check if in column 'Quota (used/max)' the upper value (used) is higher or equal the lower value (max.).

    In this case the Quota is exceeded



How can I solve the problem?

Option 1:
Increase the Quota. The following Wiki instructions will help you:




Option 2:
Delete Emails via EUserv WebMail-Service until Quota falls below the corresponding value. Get more information here:

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