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How can I set a CNAME entry for my subdomain to the main domain of my web space contract ?

To manage an external subdomain in your webspace tariff you will have to set a CNAME entry for this subdomain which points to the main domain of your web space.

Setting the CNAME entry for domains at EUserv

Creating customized CNAME entries is available from the Domain Pro tariff on.

1. Log in to the customer center:

2. Choose the corresponding domain contract:

3. Click on the menu entry "DNS-Verwaltung":

4.  "Domainname:" Choose your domain:

5. "aufzulösender Wert (Hostname, z.B. "www"):" enter the subdomain that is supposed to be redirected to, e.g. www

6. "Typ des Eintrages": Choose CNAME here

7. "Ziel (Hostname, IP usw.)": Enter the main domain of your webspace you want to redirect to.    

8. Click on the button "Anlegen" to finish the setup of the DNS entry 

After you changed your DNS entries via customer center it generally takes up to 24 hours until these entries are adopted by all worldwide DNS servers.

Usually the German DNS servers are up to date after about 12 hours.

Now the subdomain is redirecting to your webspace at EUserv. You can have your subdomain point at a certain directory of your directory using the management of the webspace.

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