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How do I set up my eMail account under Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5 ein ?

Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5

When setting up Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5 for the first time you will be supported by a Wizard. 

To receive eMails you have create an "E-Mail Account"(1) first.

Please click the „Next >(2) button.

Enter your name into the field "Your Name"(1).
Enter your eMail address into the field "E-Mail address"(2).

Click "Next >"(3) to proceed.

To retrieve your eMails from our server you need a „POP3(1) connection.
Enter "" into the field "Incoming Server"(2).
Enter "" into the field "Outgoing Server (SMTP)"(3).

Please click the „Next >(4) button.

Enter your username into the fields „Username(1) and "Outgoing User Name"(2).

Please click the „Next >(3) button.

Enter a freely selectable name (e.g. Info-Account) for your eMail account into the field "Account Name"(1).

Please click the „Next >(2) button.

Your eMail account has been set up accordingly and is ready for receiving and sending eMails.
Check the "Get Mail Now"(1) box to receive your eMails immediately.

Please click the „Finish(2) button.

During the first eMail retrieval enter your password into the Passworf(1) field.
You should only check the „Use Password Manager...(2) box if you are the only user of the PC.

Confirm your input with "OK"(3).

Under "Tools" > "Account Settings..." ...

you can add(1) or remove0(2) eMail accounts.

Confirm your settings with "OK"(3).

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