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Why do i get emails from COREnic/COREhub?


You have got one or more emails from sender "COREnic" or "COREhub" regarding your domain name.



The organisation "COREnic" is one of our regitry partner for fo dmainnames. It has the duty to registry regulations to inform each domain owner about the current status of the domain.



It is just an info mail which is required from the registry.

Your domain expires on the date provided. Your domain however will be automatically renewed by us until your contract with us is terminated. With the renew of your domain you accept the new rules from the registry (which is required to use this domain).

Please make sure to check that your domain data is correct. For this you can use the whois service provided in the email.

If your domain data is not up to date proceed with the following steps:

- Update your customer data in customer panel
- Wait 24h
- Check your domain data again
- Contact us if the domain data is invalid after these steps

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