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How can I access my BackupHD / online HD via the EUserv Storage Web-Client ?

You can manage your BackupHD via our EUserv Storage Web-Client. You just need a current web browser for this.

The user data for your BackupHD can be found in our customer center.

1. Log in to the customer center.
2. Select your contract.
3. Under FTP-Backup click "Verwaltung".

Now you see an overview of the user data for your BackupHD. For logging in to the EUserv Storage Web-Client you need an FTP username and your FTP password.

To log in to the EUserv Storage Web-Client proceed as follows:

1. Open your browser.
2. Open the URL: "".

3. Enter the user name and the password for your BackupHD and click "Anmeldung".
4. Now you see the content of your online disk.

Via the EUserv Storage Web-Client you can:

*move, copy, delete or rename files and folders
*create new files and folders
*upload files

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