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How do I use the filter function in my EUserv Webmail ?

Log in to with your username and password for the EUserv Webmail.

After you have logged in click on the "Einstellungen" icon on the top right.

Now click on the tab "Filter". Here you can add new filters.



You can add a new filter by clicking on the "+" button on the bottom left. 

Now a frame appears on the right side where you can assign a name to the filter.




Here you can specify the filter rules for each tested eMail.

You may choose between "trifft alle folgenden Regeln" [matches all of the following rules], "trifft irgendeine der folgenden Regeln" [matches any of the following rules] and "alle Nachrichten" [all messages]. If you choose 'trifft irgendeine der folgenden Regeln': Betreff ? enthält: 'Test', for instance that causes all eMails whose subject [Betreff] contains [enthält] the word "Test" to be filtered out.


Additionally you can set filter actions. The messages filtered out according to the rules mentioned above for instance can be moved to the inbox. With this only the eMails selected by the filter are moved. To do so select "Verschiebe Nachricht" in the button menu and "Posteingang" in the adjoining button menu.

When you have set up your filter you can save it by clicking on the "Speichern" button.

It's also possible to switch off your created filter. This can be achieved by selecting the option "Filterregel abschalten" on the top right.




In addition to your filter rule 'Betreff' ? enthält ? 'Test' you cann add a new rule by clicking the green '+' button; for instance: 'Absender' ? enthält ? 'User'. Here both rules are being considered. That means in conclusion that only the messages are filtered whose subject line contains the word "Test" or whose sender is "User".

By clicking the trash can icon you can remove this rule. 

If you choose "trifft alle folgenden Regeln" here that means that only the messages are filtered out that contain the word "Test" in the subject line AND whose sender is "User".

The same is possible for the filter actions. In the example given here only messages which are filtered according to the rules above are moved to the inbox and sent as a copy to "User2".


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