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Why is there no statistics for my homepage anymore?


When setting up your FTP account for your webspace webserver log files for your statistics are

created automatically.


If there are no statistics for your website the "noLogfile" mode is enabled, and you need to disable

it independently in the customer panel to regain logfiles again.


Please proceed as follows.


  1. Log in into the customer panel with your customer ID or e-mail address and your password (

  2. Choose the affected hosting plan in the left menu item named “contracts”

  3. Select "FTP-Accounts".

  4. Click the button “deactivate” next to the item '“noLogfile" mode'

  5. The "noLogfile" mode is now deactivated


If you want to enable the "noLogfile" mode, proceed as described above, and click "activate"

on the button in the overview of your FTP accounts.


Please note: If you activate the "noLogfile" mode all previous created log files will be deleted,

storage space will be enabled again and also statistics will be deactivated.

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