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How do I create eMail addresses (POP3/IMAP/forwarding) ?

  • Log in to the customer center.
  • Select the contract.
  • Click on the menu entry "eMail-Accounts"
  • Click on "Neuen Email-Account (Emailpostfach)" and "Anlegen"
    -> now enter the desired name for the mail box / account name, the corresponding password and the desired mail box size (Qouta). Save your input.

Now you can assign eMail addresses to this eMail account via "eMail-Aliase/Adressen". To do so please proceed as follows:

  • Click on "Anlegen" under "Neue Email-Adresse für <DOMAIN>".
  • Choose either:
  • "Sammelaufschaltung auf Postfach", if all eMails to the domain are to be directed to a mail box.
  • Select the mail box and save.



  • "Aufschaltung auf Postfach", if you want to redirect a certain eMail address to a mail box.
  • Under "neuer Alias" enter the desired eMail address (the domain is already preset)
  • Select the mail box and (if necessary) the security services; finally save your changes.


  1. You can assign several eMail addresses/aliases to a mail box.
  2. Retrieve the eMails with the data of the respective mail box.
  3. You'll find the server data (POPv3,IMAPv4,SMTP etc.) in the upper part under "Mail-Accounts"

Please always wait for 24 hours before you're reporting an error.
The installed services only work if the DNS records are set to the default values and if the domain is managed correctly by EUserv.

Please always provide following information when reporting an error:

- Customer ID and involved contract
- involved domain and the detailed error message
- all steps you have already taken


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