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While deleting data from a database error '# 1142 drop command denied to user' is displayed - What can I do?


If you receive the error message '# 1142 drop command denied to user' while deleting data in

your database, the quota of your webspace database has been exceeded and the command

'drop command' has been banned by the system.

To be able to delete data in your database nevertheless, please proceed as follows.

  1. Log in into the customer panel with your customer ID or e-mail address and your                                   password (

  2. Choose the affected hosting plan in the left menu item named “contracts”

  3. Select "mySQL". Find the access data of the database from which you want to clear out your data

  4. Open the website and log in using the access data of your                  database

  5. Choose the table with the items that you want to delete in the left menu

  6. The register "Display" shows all entries as a list. The entries can be selected by a checkmark for                    later deletion

  7. Select all entries that shall be deleted

  8. After selection, click on the red cross below the table to delete the files permanently


Please note: The deletion of files is final and can not be undone. Check exactly that you delete                             the correct files and ensure, if necessary, for a backup of the files.


Another alternative for an exceeded quota is a paid plan upgrade. A manual can be found here.


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