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Why do I get a "wrong" IP from message boards or PHP/CGI scripts ?

To guarantee both optimal performance and increased reliability for the Webspace bundles several servers are processing the requests simultaneously (Cluster).

Since the requests are handed over from your website to these servers some scripts are displaying a "wrong" IP since about 3 days.

Correctly these scripts have to evaluate the variable "_SERVER["HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR"]" if it is not empty, otherwise the default variable "_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]" will be used. The most common software solutions (e.g. SMF-Forum) solve this task perfectly - unfortunately others do not.
Currently we have negative feedback concerning the software "phpKit" that fails to solve the aforementioned task correctly. Please contact the programmer of the respective software.

By the way: you might have not been able to get a completely exact statistic in the past since many users call up websites via proxies etc. and you probably have read out the proxy IP.


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