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How do I install software via Software-Installation ?

  1. Select your contract in the customer center.
  2. Select the entry "Software-Installation" from the category "Webspace" in the middle menu.
  3. Now choose the desired software package (e.g. "coppermine") and click on "Installieren".
  4. After you have selected the installation assignment the system informs you that the installation is in progress.

    Note: Processing the request normally takes one hour.

  5. When the installation is completed it will be marked with a green tick in the "Status" column of the customer center. Moreover the access data will be displayed now.
  6. Now select the path and press "Ctrl+C" to copy the path into to the clipboard.
  7. Now enter your domain, paste in the path at the end with "Ctrl+v" and confirm with "Enter".
  8. When calling up the page for the first time the Software-Installer is detecting the absolute URL of the software (if the package requires an absolute URL) and registers it in the configuration.
  9. Now you can log in.
  10. Now you see the login area of the software. Here you can log in with your username and password from the customer center.

    Note: The Software-Installation requires a free database. The database created by the system is labelled as Auto-DB and can only be removed after uninstalling.

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