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How do I uninstall software with the Software-Installation?

  1. Choose your contract in the customer center.
  2. Choose the entry "Software-Installation" from the middle menu in the category "Webspace".
  3. Now click the "Löschen" button to commission the customer center with uninstalling the software.
  4. After the customer center has been commissioned with the uninstalling it informs you that uninstalling is in process.

    Note: The uninstalling usually takes 30 minutes.

  5. When the uninstalling is finished you may proceed with the deletion of the database. To do so select the category "MySQL" from the left menu.

    Note: Before deleting the database you should of course check whether the contained data are still required or not and secure them if necessary.

  6. By uninstalling the status "Auto-DB" is suspended so you can delete the database by clicking the "Löschen" button.
  7. After you commissioned the customer center with deleting the database it displays you a confirmation. With this the uninstalling is completed.

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