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How can I access the customer panel when I have lost my password ?


If you have lost your access data for the customer panel, please proceed as follows:


1. Open the website



2. Click on "Lost password?"



3. Enter your account number or your email address and click on "Send"


You will now receive an email to the email address that is stored in the customer panel.

With the new password in the email you are now able to login into the customer panel again.

Please note:

  • Please make sure to always enter your customer ID and password manually and not via "Copy & Paste"
  • If you have used the "Lost password?" feature several times: Please always use the login data from the latest mail
  • Please note that the password is case-sensitive!


In case you can't reach the eMail address the account is registered on, please proceed as follows:


  1. Download the customer update form from our website. The form [German only] can be found under the following linkclick here
  2. Fill it out and send it to the fax number stated in the form or via snail mail to the following address: click here

    Hint: You should of course choose an eMail address accessible by you. Also the form has to be signed by the contracting partner. Please use the company's stamp also for companies, clubs or other institutions.

  3. After processing you will receive a confirmation from EUserv Internet. Now you are able to have a new password generated as mentioned above and to log in as usual.

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