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What does the migration procedure look like and which details do I have to consider ?



General information

Order the domain on the website, confirm that you are the owner or beneficiary and finish the ordering process.

Now you should be able to generate a PWS in the customer center.
For specifics regarding the individual TLDs please mind the following information.

The status of an order / contract never represents the status of the domain (that means: the order being completed DOES NOT imply that the migration has already been completed).

generic TLD (com/net/info/name/biz/info/org)

No provider change form is necessary for these domains. You will receive a so called AuthCode from the old provider for the migration. Please enter this code in the corresponding field of the customer's center "Verträge" page after you have ordered the domain.
You will receive an eMail when the order has been processed.

After that the transfer will be started within a short time.

We initiate the transfer with the AuthCode. In case the code is faulty the transfer fails immediately and we get an error message. Currently we contact the customer to inform him / her about the wrong AuthCode and request the correct one.

Furthermore the "domain status" can avert a migration. There are - depending on the point of registration and TLD - different status indicators. In general: if the status is not "status: ok" problems can occur. We will contact you in this case.

When both AuthCode and status are correct the owner will be sent an eMail from our partner "EPAG Domainservice". This eMail contains a link to a website. Click on the link. Here our parent company "ISPpro Internet KG" may be mentioned. That's correct and not an error. Now a website with all data necessary appears. Check the data and confirm the migration.

Now the old provider has to approve or reject the migration within a certain period of time (usually about 7 days). In case he doesn't react an automatic confirmation takes place upon expiry.

After initiating the migration the EUrid (point of registration for .eu domains) sends the domain owner an eMail.
The deposited eMail address can be seen via whois on the EUrid website

The EUrid eMail contains a link that redirects the owner to an EUrid website where the migration has to be confirmed.

On this confirmation page our partner "EPAG Domainservice" and/or our parent company "ISPpro Internet KG" as well as the old and new owner data appear. Check both and confirm the migration.

If the eMail address of the owner isn't usable anymore odds are to confirm the migration via fax or snail mail.

Following documents can be found directly at EUrid:

Please also check your spam folders for the EUrid eMails!

The customer terminates the contract with the old provider and declares the migration.
The provider confirms the termination and generates a so called AuthInfo1 for the domain. It's valid for 30 days.
Enter the AuthInfo1 after the order in the customer center under "Verträge" (there is an input field next to to the order). After entering the code the order is being processed and the domain migration will start. No further confirmation is necessary. The migration takes place immediately if provided the correct AuthInfo1. An Owner change is also conducted in this step. In case the AuthInfo1 is wrong we will contact you. If you realise after one week - via Denic Domain Information (whois) - that the domain has not been migrated yet please contact the support.

Furthermore it is possible to request a so called AuthInfo2 where a Denic member generates an assignment for Denic. Now the AuthInfo will be sent to the current domain owner by snail mail. So the domain can be migrated without involving the old provider. This is a charged extra service. For more detailed information please contact our support.

After ordering a so called LAR has to be generated via customer center. For this LAR comprehensive information are required by the RIA Italia (point of registration for .it domains).

Having generated the form please fill it out completely and fax it to us or (if possible) send it as PDF via eMail.

Since IT forms are changing it can happen that we contact youi to send you an up-to-date version of the form which has to be signed by you.

IT LARs are always written in Italian. Other languages aren't accepted by RIA Italia. An english version however is available on the website (



After ordering, the NIC.AT form and the provider change form have to be generated via the customer center. Please send the NIC.AT form to the fax number of NIC.AT.

Please fill out the provider change form completely and readably. The current owner's signature is imperative! Send the form to EUserv via fax or snail mail.

After we have received and processed the provider change form you will be sent an eMail containing the confirmation or rejection (including the reason) of the provider change.

The provider change will be started now and the NIC.AT sends an eMail containing a code to the deposited eMail address of the domain owner. Enter this code on the website contained in the eMail to confirm the provider change.

After the domain has been migrated a domain update will be conducted. Now the provider change is completed.


If you have any questions please contact our customer support.

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