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How can I generate AuthInfo (DE) / AuthCode for a domain transfer (provider change)?


To transfer a DE-domain to another provider, you need an AuthInfo. For an international domain you need an AuthCode.

You only get the AuthInfo/AuthCode if you have first cancelled your domain contract with EUserv.

How to cancel a contract can be found here:


Starting at the date the AuthInfo was generated, it is valid for a maximum of 30 days. After that time, it has to be re-generated.


How to generate a new AuthInfo


  1. Log in into the customer service center:
    and choose the contract, including the domain you want to transfer..

  2. Choose Domains in the left menu.

  3. In the column AuthCode you find the AuthInfo/AuthCode for your domain. To generate a new AuthInfo/AuthCode click on the button Generieren. After 30 - 60 minutes a new AuthInfo/AuthCode will be generated.

  4. The column Status shows the status of the AuthInfo/AuthCode generation. The hourglass symbol means in processing and the check symbol means successful done.

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