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How can I pay my invoices via PayPal?


Please follow these steps to pay your invoices via PayPal :

1.) Log in to Euserv customer panel.
2.) Click ''Invoices'' in the left menu

3.) The Paypal button will appear behind still unpaid invoices
4.) Click on the button for the invoice that you want to pay.
5.) A window to paypal will open.
6.) Pay with your PayPal data.
7.) Use the option to go back to EUserv after payment
8.) If payment was successful the invoice is marked as paid in the customer panel and your customer account will be topped up with the invoice amount.


Please note:

You have to specify ''invoice'' as a payment type in the customer panel in order to pay with PayPal!


EUserv offers the option ''pay with PayPal'' just if a minimum invoice amount of 10,00 Euro is reached. Please use payment via direct debit, bank transfer or credit card for amounts below 10,00 Euro.


Furthermore you are also able to deposit an amount of arbitrary value to your EUserv customer account, specified with your customer number in the first reference line. If an invoiced amount is due it will be withdrawn from this credit automatically.

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