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I want to cancel my contract. What to consider?

If you want to cancel an EUserv service, you must comply the corresponding termination notice. Depending on the chosen contract the termination notice varies:


Contract term: 1 Month

Termination notice: 1 Month


Contract term: 12 Month

Termination notice: 3 Month



The effective date of contract is always the day the service is provided by EUserv. The menue item “Contract details” in the Euserv customer panel provides an overview of all these information concerning your contract.


Example: Your EUserv Hosting plan “Exclusive” has a 12 month contract term. The period of notice is 3 month. The contract started on Oktober 2nd. So the latest termination date to not extend the contract automatically is July, 1st. Here you'll find a detailed How-To for an online-termination via Euserv customer panel:


If online-termination is not available, please contact the Euserv customer service.


Please note: The invoicing will be processed until the final termination date.

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