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What does "Extended Customer Support" mean?

The term "extended customer support" encompasses all support requests processed by us that go beyond regular support. The extended customer support is always chargeable and is usually billed for every 1 / 4h started.

What does "Standard Support" mean?

  • Help to operate customer center.
  • Help for the operation of all app / software provided by us.
  • Maintenance of documentation such as Wiki, FAQ
  • Recording and correction of errors in services, software etc. including updates, configuration, improvements that we operate for the customer. These include e.g. Mail server, web server or network.

What is part of "Extended Customer Support"?

  • Assistance beyond standard support, e.g. Help with web design errors
  • Assistance in troubleshooting and correcting incorrect entries in the customer center.
  • Self-inflicted errors e.g. Incorrect operation of servers (IPtables, network config, deletion of emails, website etc., missing backups etc.)

Why is there a distinction between standard and extended customer support?

Standard Support is largely based on help that our customers can obtain from e.g. a telephone help or email can be prepared as a link. This is a short help, e.g. to provide guidance for new customers.

However, the ideas, applications and configuration options in information technology are so extensive and diverse that they can in no way be covered by "generalists" in support. For this we have "specialists" in their field, ie personnel who have worked into a topic. This competent staff is subsidized by the customer using it in the form of additional costs, so that the costs for this staff do not have to be passed on to all customers.

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