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Why can't I get technical support for a contract?

Initial situation:
You have several active contracts with us. You require technical support for one of these contracts and create a support request through the Customer Center to Technical Support.

You will receive a message in the customer center or from support that no direct support is possible or booked for the contract. In this case, support is available to you via the community via the forum. Here, too, technical questions from users are answered by specially trained support staff.

Regardless of whether you have a paid or free contract with us, our system checks whether technical support is included in that contract or in the contract article. If technical support is not included, creating a support request in Customer Center will be denied or a support agent will send you a notice.

Each direct support request is associated with personnel expenditure by a real person. The commercial calculation for our services takes into account the use of this support. If a commercial representation of the costs for technical support in the contract or article is not possible or not possible free of charge, technical support is not offered or is only offered at an additional cost.

Please ask the sales department whether it is possible to book support for a fee for your contract.

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