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Why can't yast be started anymore ? (OpenSUSE 11.x and Plesk 9.x and above)


Under OpenSUSE 11.x and Plesk 9.x and above yast might not work anymore. This probably happens due to a faulty Plesk file.

The error message in the console looks as follows:

suse-server:~ # yast
//sbin/yast: line 27: //lib/YaST2/bin/yast2-funcs: No such file or directory
//sbin/yast: line 238: set_lang_from_sysconfig: command not found
//sbin/yast: line 267: check_ncurses: command not found
package yast2-qt is not installed
package yast2-gtk is not installed
Something is wrong with the YaST user interface.


In the file:

change the first line from

if echo "$MANPATH" | tr ':' '\012' | fgrep -qx //man


if echo "$MANPATH" | tr ':' '\012' | fgrep -qx /usr/share/man

After logging in again via SSH yast will be working again.

Tags: opensuse, plesk, suse, yast

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