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What to do if my (old) provider doesn't provide any AuthInfo/Authcode?

Maybe Domain holders don't get any AuthInfo/Authcode from their current provider because:


  • the provider does not exit any longer
  • the provider is unavailable or
  • the provider does not react


If so domain holders may receive their AuthInfo/AuthCode directly from DENIC. To request so called AuthInfo2 please follow the instructions below:


1. Write an informal email to or either use the request option of EUserv customer panel and

    specify the following data:

     - Customer Number

     - Contract Number

     - Respective Domain

     - Short description of your request


2. EUserv will request an AuthInfo2 directly from DENIC.


3. The domain holder will receive AuthInfo2 by registered post to his address stored in the domain data directly from DENIC. In cases of nonresident domain holders the AuthInfo2 will be send to the regarding, in Germany located Admin-C to avoid long operating time and to ensure a safe delivery. The AuthInfo2 remains valid for 30 days.


4. Concurrent DENIC stores the generated AuthInfo as Hash in the relevant domain database.


5. EUserv will arrange the domaintransfer right after we got the AuthInfo from the domain holder.


6. If this AuthInfo matches with the one stored by DENIC the domain will be transfered immediately to EUserv.


Please note:

This service will cost! The cost involved for the DENIC service to send the AuthInfo2 by registered post to the corresponding domain holder stored in the Whois.

EUserv will inform about the final amount of cost straight after checking your request.


DENIC will charge this fee regardless if the domain transfer will be successful, if a correct address is stored in the Whois or if the registered post could be delivered. Tht's why we recommend you to check that the data stored in Whois are correct and up-to-date.



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