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About the FreeBSD Live-System (RescueSystem)

Was ist das FreeBSD Live-System (RescueSystem)?

The FreeBSD Live-System (RescueSystem) is based on the original FreeBSD distribution (currently 9.0),  which is booted over the network directly and subsequently runs in the memory.

Thereby you can do maintenance on FreeBSD systems (FSCK, faluty configurations, Firewall etc.) and install FreeBSD on your server of course.

Installation and use of FreeBSD require good knowing of FreeBSD and should be conducted by advanced users for this reason.
Please note that EUserv generally doesn't provide software support and potential problems have to be resolved by you.

The FreeBSD LiveSystem has been created on the basis of the FreeBSD distribution and the mfsBSD scripts from Martin Matuska -> mfsBSD.


How do you start the Rescue-System ?

Log in to the customer center with your eMail address/customer's ID and the password.
Select your server contract.

The FreeBSD LiveSystem can only be activated with server that have FreeBSD deposited as operating system. Enable the FreeBSD LiveSystem via the according menu point (enable the tick under "Reset" to do the reset at the same time).

Starting the LiveSystems can take some minutes, please be patient. Usually the LiveSystem should be available after 5 to 10 minutes.

The password for the access can be found under "Serverdaten". The username is "root". Access is possible only via SSH.

In case you have entered Linux or the like as operating system but installed a FreeBSD by using the RescueSystem you can switch the OS to FreeBSD as follows:

Under "Reinstall" choose the operating system "FreeBSD 8.1 (Live-System). After having done that the FreeBSD Live-System will be startet and the installation is tagged as completed. Wait for a few hours and reboot, your normal system should be started again. From now on the FreeBSD Live-System will be started when using the RescueSystem.

Hint: With 64bit systems the 64bit RescueSystem is always started by default. 

How can I install FreeBSD on my root server ?

See the extra article: How can I install FreeBSD on my dedicated server ?


Note for customers with FreeBSD prior to 8.0!

If you have FreeBSD 7.X installd on your server it may occur that you do not have access on your disk partitions in from the RescueSystem.

Is this the case your system has been installed in the so called “dangerously dedicated (DD) mode“ by the sysinstall which isn't supported in the FreeBSD 8.0 version anymore.


You can fix the problem with the following command:

Caution: This procedure is used at your own risk !

# sysctl kern.geom.debugflags=16

kern.geom.debugflags: 0 -> 16

# dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/adX count=1 oseek=1

1+0 records in

1+0 records out

512 bytes transferred in 0.000225 secs (2274877 bytes/sec)

Replace adX with the label of the disk you have installed FreeBSD on.

Please pay attention to the correct input of the command since loss of data may occur otherwise.

This command deletes the 2nd sector of the hard disk where faulty information regarding the slices are stored. Now your partitions should be displayed correctly by using "gpart show".


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