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How do I reach a Linux guest system under Hyper-V?



You want to mount a Linux guest system under Hyper-V, but it is not reachable under the configured IP address.


Possible reasons:

  • The IP address of the virtual machine is not in the same subnet of the host system.
  • The MAC address of the guest system is defined as "static" in Hyper-V.



Setup a host route on your guest system to the gateway.


Example CentOS/RedHat:

# route add <IP-Adresse des Gateways>/32 dev eth0
# route add default gw <IP-Adresse des Gateways>



Please notice: You must set the routing motification again by booting of the Linux guest system e.g. with INIT script.


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We would like to say thank you to customer Sven S. for provisioning of this FAQ.


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