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How do I connect domains on my server ?

At first the domain has to be ordered with one of our bundles. It's important that own DNS records (IN-A / IN MX) are allowed.

IN-A for resolving the name into an IP address.
IN-MX for the responsible mail server.

  1. After ordering the domain log in to the customer center and choose the corresponding contract.
  2. Choose "IN-A Records".
  3. Add 2 entries in the following pattern:
    *.domain.tld -> IP of your servers
    @.domain.tld -> IP of your servers
  4. Add an IN-MX entry using the menu point "IN-MX Records":
    IN MX 10 -> mail.yourdomain.tld
  5. These entries usually are active soon, but due to the DNS system these changes are applied to all important DNS servers of the providers within 24 hours.
  6. Now configure the domains on your server. This can be achieved via an admin panel (e.g. VHCS, Plesk, Confixx) or directly in the respective configuration files of the services. Also set up FTP accesses etc. in this step.


-> Confixx Knowledge-Base
-> PLESK Support


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