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How can I manage my EUserv server ?

At the moment there are the following ways to manage a root server rented at EUserv:

With the console:

- SSH (secured console connection)

Using a GUI (depending on the tariff):

- Webmin (OpenSource Tool)
- SysCP (OpenSource Tool)
- VHCS (OpenSource Tool)

- Plesk 8
- Confixx 3

The OpenSource management interfaces can be installed manually anytime. Licencing of Plesk or Confixx is depending on the chosen tariff and distinguished by the amount of domains.

Management in the customer center:
Further basic management functions for the server can be used in the customer center. This includes:

- 24/7 web reset
- 24/7 reinstall of the server
- IP adress management
- start/stop of the Rescue System (Linux Rescue System without hard disk)



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