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How can I change the password of my root server if I forgot it ?

Proceed as follows:

  1. Enable the Rescue System in the customer center
  2. In the customer center trigger a "Webreset -> SOFT" (in case it doesn't work and the server can't be reached with Ping after 10 minutes trigger another "Webreset -> HART").
  3. Log in to the server via SSH using your default password (you can find it in the customer center under "Serverdaten") and the user "root". 
  4. Mount your root partition
    INSTANT-SERIE -> /dev/sda2
    VALUE-SERIE -> depending on the system
    Command: mount /media/sda2
  5. Change into the system with chroot
    Command: chroot /media/sda2
  6. Change the system's password
    Command: passwd root
  7. Exit the system
    Command: exit
  8. Restart the server
    Command: reboot
  9. As soon as your server has been restarted you may log in with your new password. This is valid for SSH only.
    Use the support pages for Confixx or Plesk:

Plesk Support

Confixx KnowledgeBase


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