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Why do I need a / 64 subnet for sending mail over IPv6?

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You operate a server with an already permanently installed IPv6 address and want to send emails via this server. You notice that the IPv6 address of your server is located in an IPv6 subnet that is listed as a "spam sender".

To send emails via SMTP and IPv6, it is advisable to apply for your own / 64 IPv6 subnet. Since a / 64 IPv6 subnet is the de facto industry standard, antispam blacklists usually list entire IPv6 networks. If you have reserved a / 64 IPv6 subnet exclusively for yourself, you can influence whether you are listed there or not by not sending spam or by requesting the deletion of your network yourself from the list concerned.

Step by step instructions for sending SMTP mail with a / 64 IPv6 subnet:

  1. Check whether you have a tariff with / 64 IPv6 subnet support
  2. Log in to customer center
  3. Choose your contract
  4. Select "IPv6 Networks" in the left menu
  5. Create a / 64 IPv6 subnet and define the routing
  6. Configure your server to send mails from the created subnet with an IPv6.

Tags: Antisp, IPv6, Linux, server, smtp, spam

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