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How can I secure my customer account?

To secure your customer account, it is advisable to consider the following hints:

1. Change your password frequently.

You should change your password at least every 3 months.

2. Pay attention to the format of your password.

- The password should consist of at least 8 characters (preferably more)
- The password should consist of at least 2 lowercase letters, uppercase letters and 2 numbers
- Do NOT use words that are contained in a dictionary
- Do NOT use simple words
- Do NOT use names, birthdates or license plate numbers
- Do NOT use passwords that have been already used
- Do NOT use passwords that are in use elsewhere

3. Secure your e-Mail account.

In case you request a new password for the customer panel it will be send to the e-Mail address which is registered with us. For this reason please also make sure your e-Mail account is secured to prevent unauthorized access.

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