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Is TOR, IRC or another proxy service allowed on the server ?


This information only pertains to dedicated root servers; these services aren't generally allowed on vServers.


Proxy, TOR or similar services are principally permitted as long as they are not used for illegal actions.
The latest and special business conditions (accepted on ordering) for root servers do apply here.


Regarding TOR:

Preferrably you should configure TOR in a way that some services can not be used in EXIT mode (this is generally not of relevance with relay services since the server isn't used as outgoing node).

Most ABUSE actions with TOR servers can be ascribed to Exitnodes with permitted services like SMTP, POP, IMAP, SSH or more generally: all enabled services. This is usually exploited and causes unnecessary work for our ABUSE team.


Rules TOR Nodes:

There are the following rules for the operation of TOR nodes:

- Tor Nodes are allowed on dedicated servers.
- Exit Nodes are generally not allowedat the moment.
- If traffic is included in the plan, this applies to all services.
- In case there are multiple abuse incidents regarding the use of TOR, the customer can be charged with an own IP net. In this IP net the customer will be registered in Whois as Abuse contact person and further costs will be incurred (plan, pro-option, IP net).

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