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Is there a comparable alternative to Internet Explorer ?

Yes, on the one hand Mozilla and Netscape are good alternatives both based on the same engine but equipped differently as well as the Norwegian browser Opera. Beyond the pure browser functions all programs provide the possibility to play multimedia content. Moreover they allow direct and indirect communication with Internet users (e.g. Chat). They provide a uniform interface for local and global information in Intranets as well.


Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer is preinstalled on all current Windows operating systems. It is easy to handle und processes web-based content quite fast. The good features are lacking an integrated Download-Manager. One negative aspect are the many security gaps that are gaping through every now and then.


The Mozilla suite comes with an extensive equipment. A mail client and a Newsreader are included in the package. Countless further tools, especially the many Managers (form/password/download/popup manager), make the daily surfing convenient. Also included is the Composer with which you can develope simple websites. Mozilla is also capable of chatting - with Chatzilla. Mozilla is also good in terms of reliability.

Mozilla is the first choice for Linux users.


The Netscape bundle which is based on Mozilla is the most compact of the browsers mentioned here.

Besides the browser Navigator a mail client, an instant messenger, the Composer and a webradio tool are included. Quite handy for AOL users: the mail client is capable of processing AOL mails and the instant messenger is compatible with the AOL-Messenger (AIM). In addition a download manager as well as countless other tools for managing forms, cookies and passwords are available. A safe, convenient and quick web surfing is ensured with this browser.


A very slim alternative is the Opera browser. Besides a mail client a download manager, a popup blocker and a password manager are belonging to the package. Due to its small filesize and its fast mode of operation Opera is the ideal browser for old PCs. Displaying problems with some websites happen seldom.

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